Fundación Pondera

Innovation and talent for sustainability

Efficient management & social innovation for the sustainable development

The foundation’s human team has extensive training and experience in management, particularly in the health sector, and in development cooperation. We put our knowledge, resources, commitment, and enthusiasm at the service of those who need specialized management accompaniment, especially in the hospital area, to optimize resources, ensure their sustainability and achieve greater social impact.


We provide innovation and talent in vulnerable territories to generate value in entities with great social impact.


 A world where social innovation is for everyone.

Guided by the efficiency, and equity, but without losing sight of compassion

  • We look for entrepreneurs’ partners in the most vulnerable territories.
  • We provide partners with high professional talents.
  • We innovate in solutions together with local partners, always pursuing deep and sustainable social impacts.
  • We strengthen the existent capital: human, economic, and social.
  • We are committed to the total autonomy of the projects.


Use efficiency, equity, and compassion in what you say and what you do

Maximizing the capital: human, economic, and social

Associate with


 Commit to autonomy

Create benefits for all, and for everything

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