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Fundación Pondera

We are a cooperation foundation whose objective is to improve people’s lives, protect the environment by promoting the sustainability of the planet, economic growth, and equality between countries.

We develop projects of all kinds with the aim of meeting the sustainable development goals (SDG).

Support for local management in development cooperation projects

Do you lead or participate in the management of a hospital or other type of center and need help in any specific aspect?

Analysis of the needs, improvement, and implementation strategies

We carry out all kinds of actions to ensure the sustainability.

Gestión integral de hospitales

Nos hacemos cargo de la gestión global de hospitales, con el objetivo de que se adquieran las herramientas para funcionar de manera autónoma.  

Social innovation for all

We provide innovation and talent in vulnerable territories to generate value in entities with great social impact

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      Fundación Pondera
      40 Galileu Street, 1st 2nd,
      08028, Barcelona, Spain

      +34 664 53 44 58

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