Fundación Pondera

Innovation and talent for sustainability

Fundación Pondera

Innovation and talent for sustainability

What do we do?

We promote health improvement in the most vulnerable countries.
We collaborate in the health care of 13,000,000 people in Cameroon, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Ecuador, and Peru.


We join talent to develop capacities for entities with great social impact, mainly hospitals.
Health care management is the largely forgotten in the cooperation. It is essential to guarantee efficient and sustainable services.
The investment in management allows positive impact on the vulnerable territories’ environment with such a lack of resources. This situation is perfectly reversible. An equipped hospital with effective care campaigns, but without professionalized health care management can not guarentee its existence and therefore the continuity of its work. Our health and non-health projects allocate resources to provide sustainable entities.

Support for local management in development cooperation projects

Do you manage a hospital or other kind of center and need help in some specific aspect?

We develop projects of all kinds to improve people’s lives, protect the environment promoting the sustainability of the planet, economic growth, and equality between countries.

We offer you our experience in diagnosis, strategic planning, human resources, process systematization, financial control and accounting, stock management.

que hacemos, apoyo

Do you need help in management?

Do you need help in management?

Analysis of the needs, improvement, and implementation strategies

We carry out all kinds of actions that generate economic benefits
with great impact on sustainability:

  • Analysis of the Health Care needs.
  • Creation of strategic plans.
  • Direct management of productive activities of social economy.
  • Evaluation and implementation of improvements in all types of projects.

We take action in any process that generates value and has a great social impact.

Complete management of hospitals

We take direct charge of the overall management of a hospital or other type of center or program serving the most vulnerable population until they acquire the tools necessary to function autonomously.

We always work hand in hand with a local management team, which we accompany to strengthen their capacities and guarantee a subsequent independent and sustainable management.

Do you need help in management?

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